GPE XII – Call for Papers

The Intersection of Experiential Learning and Global Education


Abstracts Due by April 5, 2019


The concept of experiential learning promotes learning through experience and reflection. This typically takes the form of internships, study abroad, applied research and the like. In some respects, GPE activities, by their very design are experiential. Students learn about their partners and build skills to more effectively communicate and collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds by speaking with each other and working on projects together. By having multiple partners over the semester, students can then reflect on their earlier experiences to improve their future experiences. That said, the experience is limited to the virtual environment. How does the experience in a virtual environment differ from a more traditional experiential learning experience? How can we enhance experiential learning in a virtual environment? How might we be able to extend what we do locally to increase the impact of experiential learning in the Global Classroom?

The GPE 2019 Program organizers invite academicians, professionals, and students to submit proposals for a paper and/or poster to be presented at the GPE XII Conference at Universidad Piloto de Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia. We invite paper and/or poster proposals on two broad themes:

Experiential Learning for Global Education

  • Innovations and future directions in experiential learning and its relation to Global Education.
  • Best practices experiential learning approaches for promoting the skills and knowledge to succeed in a global economy.
  • Examples of experiential learning and their student outcomes.
  • Research and assessment of experiential learning activities.

Best Practices and Research on Global Education Initiatives

  • Best practices within the Global Understanding course or other Global activities on your campus for promoting learning and collaboration.
  • Innovative programing for Global Education.
  • The innovative use of technology to enhance Global Education.
  • Student outcomes and other original research findings on the impact of global education.

Submission Guide

Please submit a 250 word (max) abstract by April 5, 2019. You may select to present either a 10 minute paper or poster presentation. Due to limited time, those who select to do a paper presentation may be asked to do a poster instead.

Please e-mail with any questions.