Weather in Colombia

The climate is cool for the month of May in Bogotá, with a maximum temperature of 19 °C/66 °F and minimum of 13 °C/55 °F. Some rains can be expected and it is advisable to wear warm clothing.


Bogotá is located at a height of 2,640 meters (8,660 feet) above sea level, which can in some cases affect people with diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and heart disease, however, under adequate hydration, dosage of the first days and authorization medical treatment is used, the effects can be reduced significantly.


Currency exchange services and international ATMs are available close to the hotel as well as in the same building of the hotel.

Electricity and Electronic Devices

Electricity in Colombia runs at 110 volts and electric outlets accept U.S.-type plugs. All sockets are compatible with the A and B type power plugs. Please see the websites below for the types of power plugs.

If you plan to bring electronic equipment to Colombia, such as laptops and phone chargers, please check and make sure they can operate under 110V. Many modern laptop power supply units now support 100-240V and 50-60Hz.

If your electronic devices normally operate at 220/230V, you will need to bring a transformer or converter to convert 110V to 220/230V.

Two useful websites about the electrical power used in Colombia:

Phone Usage

Only GSM technology is used in Colombia. If your phone uses CDMA technology only, you won’t be able to connect to a service! In this case, , you may consider purchasing a pre-paid SIM card with some service plan. If the service plan of your GSM phone includes international calling service, you should be able to use your phone immediately when you land in Bogotá, you just need to activate roaming service.

There are many options of service plans. You can find SIM vendors in the airport or you can purchase one in any store close to the hotel or conference place. Some stores are:

  • Exito express
  • OXXO
  • Carulla

You can find Wi-Fi service at the hotel and the conference place. Many restaurants and stores have this service as well.

Please, if you need to buy a SIM card, let us know and we will guide you to buy it.

Please e-mail or with any questions.