GPE XI – Call for Papers

Educating Global Citizens

Abstracts due by March 8, 2018

A primary goal of GPE is to help students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to succeed in a global knowledge economy. Is skill building for success enough though? What about preparing students to be good world citizens who take responsibility for a sustainable world…making sure they understand their role and responsibilities that come with being an individual living in an age of global interconnectedness where what happens in your country may impact others around the world and what happens in a country on the other side of the world may directly impact you and your community. Educating young people for world citizenship is a responsibility not only of parents but also of schools and universities. How should schools operate in this field? What are their responsibilities? How can they cooperate with parents and partners outside school? This year’s conference theme explores the role of the educational system in developing global citizens.

We invite presentation proposals on two broad themes:

Best Practices and Research on Global Education Initiatives

  • Best practices within the Global Understanding course or other Global activities on your campus for promoting learning and collaboration.
  • Innovative programming for Global Education.
  • The innovative use of technology to enhance Global Education.
  • Student outcomes and other original research findings on the impact of global education.

Educating Global Citizens

  • The concept of world citizenship and how it can be incorporated into the curriculum.
  • Best practices and engaged learning approaches for promoting world citizenship at any/all educational levels including professional development.
  • The connection between language, cultural immersion, and global citizenship.
  • Innovative resources / technology for promoting global citizenship.

Submission Guide

Please submit a 250 word (max) abstract by March 8, 2018. You may propose to present either a 10 minute paper or do a poster presentation. Due to time restrictions, some who select a paper presentation may be asked to do a poster instead

  • Templates for both the posters and powerpoints for use with the paper presentations will be provided.
  • For posters, you will be responsible for printing and bringing your own poster. A board and mounting supplies will be provided at the conference.
  • Poster dimensions are 60 cm X 80 cm.