Weather in the Netherlands

Mid May is spring time in the Netherlands. You can expect many sunny days, but cloudy and rainy days as well. The weather can change from sunny to rainy and back on a single day.

The average high temperature in May is 18°C/64°F and the average low temperature is 7°C/45°F.

Please note, while walking outside in May is very pleasant, the temperature in the morning and evening might still be chilly.


If you plan to bring cash, you can exchange your currency to Euro’s prior to arriving in the Netherlands. Nijmegen is a big city (for Dutch standards) with a currency exchange at the railroad station. There are currency exchange booths at Schiphol airport as well, but the rates are higher.

Payment Options for Purchase

  • If you plan to use cash, you need to use Euro’s.
  • ATM machines are readily available throughout Nijmegen and the other cities. Most ATM machines can accept cards with the VISA/Plus and/or Mastercard/Cirrus logos. Check with your local bank to see what their policies and fees are for using your card abroad.
  • VISA, Mastercard, and American Express can only be used in larger stores and restaurants. If you plan to use credit cards, please check with your credit card issuer regarding policies and fees.

Electricity and Electronic Devices

In the Netherlands, household power is supplied with 220/230 voltage and 50Hz. All sockets are compatible with the C and F type power plugs. Please see the websites below for the types of power plugs.

If you plan to bring electronic equipment to the Netherlands, such as laptops and phone chargers, please check and make sure they can operate under 220/230V. Many modern laptop power supply units now support 100-240V and 50-60Hz.

If your electronic devices normally operate at 110V, you will need to bring a transformer or converter to convert 220/230V to 110V. Without a transformer the risk of fire or damage to your devices are increased.

Two useful websites about the electrical power used in Europe:

Things to Bring with You

During the conference, you will stay at hotel Amrâth-Belvoir, almost in the city center of Nijmegen. If you decide to bring your own hair dryer and/or flat/curling iron, please check if they support dual voltage (110V and 220V). You should bring a converter if they only work under 110V. In this case, you need to make sure the converter works with hair dryer and iron, because they usually require much higher wattage than smaller devices, for example, smartphones.

Phone Usage

Only GSM technology is used in Europe. If your phone uses CDMA technology only, you won’t be able to connect to a service! In this case, you can consider buying an inexpensive phone in the Netherlands. Additionally, you may consider purchasing a pre-paid SIM card with some service plan. If the service plan of your GSM phone includes international calling service, you should be able to use your phone immediately when you land in the Netherlands.

There are many options of service plans. You can find SIM vendors in airports or you can purchase one in Nijmegen.

You can visit the website for more information:

Please e-mail with any questions.