3rd Annual

Global Issues

Virtual Conference

April 3-5, 2017

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The 3rd Annual Global Issues Conference (GIC 3) provides a forum for original presentations that explore the interconnected nature of the global arena today and encourages the sharing of local analysis. GIC3 will facilitate discussions on a wide range of topics which impact people across the globe. Building upon the success of the previous events, for the first time, GIC will be open to instructors as well as students from GPE partner institutions.

GLOBAL ISSUES – Monday 3rd April 7:00 am ECU / 1:00 PM Europe
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Bartosz Golabek Krosno State College, Poland Activity and main objectives of Human Rights Watchdogs in contemporary Chechnya and Crimea
Ensa Touray University of the Gambia, The Gambia Ninetieth Century Economic Change and the Crisis in the Southern Senegambia: Islamic Militancy and British Intervention in the Lower Gambia Region of Jarra, Kiang and Foni 1860-1888
Gabriela Polak Krosno State College, Poland Problems of the contemporary world touching leading countries
Rui Zhan Beijing Union University, China Man-Machine War

MEDIA – Monday 3rd April 10:00 am ECU / 4:00 PM Europe
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Uğur Gündüz & Nilüfer
Istanbul University, Turkey You Are What You Eat! How to Cope Up With Food Representations of Media
Arantxa (Dai) Jimenez- Zamudio East Carolina University, USA Social Justice Seen Through Interior Design
Nikulina, S.A. Shorakhyn, J.A. Pyatigorsk State University, Russia The Impact of Modern Mass Media on the Representation of Female Beauty Standards

CULTURE – Tuesday 4th April 7:00 am ECU / 1:00 PM Europe
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Hatice Irmaklı Istanbul University, Turkey Decision Making Process in Intercultural Communication
Sylwia Leśniak, Marta Obacz & Katarzyna Śnieżek Krosno State College, Poland The influence of travelling on young people
Zhaoping, Jian Beijing Union University, China Sports in Current China
Nebahat Akgün Çomak, Nilüfer Pembecioğlu & Adnan Kılınç Istanbul University, Turkey The Cultural, Symbolic and Communicative Meaning of Rice
Crot, Rebekah East Carolina University, USA Ethnic Identity and Acculturation among Ethiopian Immigrants to North Carolina
Nilüfer Pembecioğlu & Adnan Kılınç Istanbul University, Turkey The Concept of Door and Intangible Heritage

EDUCATION 1 – Tuesday 4th April 10:00 am ECU / 4:00 PM Europe
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Poklonskaya V.D., Zagoskina T.A. & Levashova S.A. Pyatigorsk State University, Russia Cooperation between higher educational institution and preschool educational institutions in the process of teaching students how to implement modern educational technology
Jerry Johnson East Carolina University, USA Education Spill over Effects: Reassessing Whites’ Racial Beliefs and Policy Attitudes
Shapovalova M.L. & Danilova E.A. Pyatigorsk State University, Russia Stress resistance as main feature of modern school teacher
Rachel Pearce East Carolina University, USA The Effects of Traditional and Digital Books on Early Literacy Skills in Pre-schoolers

EDUCATION 2 – Tuesday 4th April 11:30 am ECU / 5:30 PM Europe
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Letisia Padilla East Carolina University, USA Unpacking Middle School Science Curriculum to Improve Instruction: Impact Results of a Service Learning Project
Jakub Giera, Małgorzata, Diana Szczepan, Anna Pigoń, Kinga Paleczek, Bogdan Wolski Krosno State College, Poland The government’s programme of education reform in Poland
Lilian Faulconer East Carolina University, USA The Politics of Sustainability in Higher Education: Aligning Athletic Policies and the University Mission

ETHICS – Wednesday 5th April 7:00 am ECU / 1:00 PM Europe
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Larkin Raynor East Carolina University, USA Academics and Agitators: White Women in the Anti-Apartheid Movement
Jiao, Jie Shaanxi Normal University, China Prevention of sexual harassment chronic illness needs both the law and culture: A review on the collective sexual harassment during New Year Countdown
Saioa Martinez, Loli Ruiz & Mónica Abarca CEED’CV, Spain The role of women in Spain
Patrycja Blania Krosno State College, Poland A dog’s life – how bad is it? Unethical treatment of dogs in Poland and around the world
Trevor Blue & Thomas Langley East Carolina University, USA Exploring Discriminatory Practices Within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community

List of Participating Institutions:

Krosno State College, Krosno, Poland
East Carolina University, Greenville, USA
Shaanxi Normal University, Xian, China
Beijing Union University, Beijing, China
CEED’CV Distance Education, Valencia, Spain
Pyatigorsk State University, Pyatigorsk, Russia
Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
University of the Gambia, Serekunda, The Gambia

Conference Organizer:

Dr Christopher Brighton, Krosno State College, Poland