History of GPE

In 2003 East Carolina University piloted the Global Understanding course and officially invited other countries to join us in our first course in Fall, 2004. At the AIEA Annual Conference in February 2007, partners from China, Morocco, Moscow and Peru gave a panel presentation of our Global Understanding project. During that conference, the five partners also decided to form an association for all universities that participate in the Global Understanding course, and it was decided that ECU would take the lead to implement this organization.

In early 2008, ECU invited all of the universities that participate in Global Understanding to attend a meeting at ECU in mid May. Nine countries were able to send representatives to ECU campus and other partners joined the discussion via video conferencing. On May 19, 2008 the nine partner countries officially created the Global Partners in Education organization and signed the GPE Charter.

It was decided that the GPE would meet once each year at a partner institution, and that the gathering should be a task oriented, working conference to assess, evaluate and promote the GPE functions and to become a better organization and to expand GPE membership.